A new name for this podcast: TYPE TUNE TINT!

May 13, 2022 Tom Kranz Season 4 Episode 1
A new name for this podcast: TYPE TUNE TINT!
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In this episode, I'm announcing the change in our name to Type Tune Tint, a podcast about independent authors, musicians and artists. There's a whole world of people with talent who practice their craft in their basement or with friends, but who deserve a wider audience. This podcast will focus on their inspirations, their personal stories and their paths to creativity. The first episode under the new brand will be coming your way soon.

Thanks to Jamie Coston at JCO Designs LLC for the lovely logo design. 

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:00 Tom Kranz

Hello everybody and welcome to the Independent Author podcast. I'm Tom Kranz, your host. This is a special, very short edition of the Independent Author with really one objective and that is to let you know that this podcast is going to be changing names and kind of changing its focus starting with the next episode. 

For the last two years, I've been doing the Independent Author podcast and focusing on writers like myself who are not attached to an agent  or a publisher, but who have stories to tell and things to say in novels and nonfiction books. And I've met and interviewed some really great people, some very talented authors who I think wouldn't have gotten exposure otherwise without either being on this show or being on other venues that celebrate the independent author. 

But I've come to realize that I'd like to expand the scope of this podcast to some authors who are traditionally published, but who have interesting stories on how they came to become writers, and how they execute their art along with their day-to-day lives, which can be a challenge. 

And I also would like to interview people who are musicians and who are artists who paint on easels, you know, and do acrylics and watercolors and musicians who are self-taught or who, you know, play in garage bands that are maybe a notch or two above just kind of hanging out, and picking out random chords. 

So, I'm gonna be looking for those folks. I already have some good ideas of some artists that I have in mind, people from current and past lives of mine. And I think you're gonna find them interesting. You know, talent and creativity lurk everywhere. It lurks under the covers, lurks behind closed doors.  It can even lurk behind closed minds if we can learn to open our minds kind of see creativity for what it is and not for what we think it should be. And that includes, you know, our own picture of who we think we are and what we think we're capable of and what talent we think we don't have but really do have. 

I found in interviewing quite a few of the authors for the Independent Author that many people's talent comes from some kind of healing process or people who have gone through horrible childhoods, people who are bullied, people who have some kind of physical disability that you know, initially limited what they were able to do, but as they grow up and became adults, they actually found ways to, you know, thrive notwithstanding whatever perceived or real disabilities they may have. The author, the creativity, the artist the musician within sometimes needs a little bit of coaxing. It starts with looking in the mirror and having a conversation with yourself about, you know, who you think you are and what do you think you can do? 

There's a lot of talent out there that's literally untapped because the people who have it, never dawned on them to try to tap it. So I'm gonna hopefully explore some of the artists, musicians and writers who have gone down that path and who maybe started out in life thinking that they didn't have talent but they really do. 

So, the new podcast is going to be called TYPE TUNE TINT. TYPE TUNE TINT. Get it? Writing, music, art. Ha! So I tried to go for something catchy, something that'll also fit on a nice, small graphic, and I think that speaks to my target guests on the show, and hopefully my target audience--that's you--and maybe other people who aren't just writers, but who are musicians and are artists as well. 

So, the Independent Author will become Type Tune Tint, starting with the next podcast. I hope you'll stay for it. Make sure that when you go to your podcast ovenue, when you see Type Tune Tint you don't scratch me out or delete it. We are still gonna talk to independent authors but many more types of artists as well. 

So, thanks for your loyalty and for listening the last two years and please don't go anyplace and please continue listening. It's a new name but you're stuck with me as your host but hopefully a much broader range of guests and subject matter. 

Thanks very much and I'll talk to you next time.

4:42 End